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Iron Ox - Fully robotic agriculture from seed to harvest at unit economics radically competitive to outdoor agriculture. Their approach enables delicious, low-input, local, and resilient food production and can reduce the negative impacts of farming by 90%.

Dendra Systems - Robotics and automation for large-scale ecosystem restoration. From drones that can plant trees, to software that monitors and maintains ecological health, Dendra is reseting what is possible for reliable restoration of degraded lands.

Treau - Re-inventing air-conditioning and cooling for comfort, operating efficiency and radical reduction of refrigerant impact. Refrigerants are the most potent per kg greenhouse gas source in regular use and Treau reduces that footprint by 6000x.

Cruz Foam - Plastics and the microplastics they engender are becoming a worldwide pollutant of enormous consequence. Cruz Foam has created a fully earth-digestible replacement for styrofoam and polyurethane foam with competitive production economics.

Climax Foods - The team has developed algorithms to quickly match the taste/texture of animal-based foods with plant-based formulations - deliciously accelerating the transition to low impact eating and reducing our reliance on animal agriculture.

Wild Earth - Addressing the 25% of US meat demand that comes from pet food, Wild Earth has created protein-rich highly nutritious pet food via fungi/yeast production. With support from veterinarians, their food is both better for the Earth, and comes with functional benefits to coat, digestion, energy and joints.

Apis Cor - Robotic masonry that can complete construction projects 9x faster and 2x lower cost. Their continuous extrusion approach to construction paves the way to lower carbon buildings via more incorporation of local materials and powering a shift to geopolymer cement (90% less carbon to produce).

Finless Foods - Using cellular agriculture to grow bluefin tuna holds the promise of creating a delicious, pollutant-free, and cost-competitive alternative to our current practice of overfishing this apex species. Solving this problem will be allow us to meet growing global demand while allowing the ocean to rest.

Semtive - A world-class turbine featuring low startup speeds, excellent generation performance, simple assembly, and high durability, which all drive low lifetime costs. More renewable options helps to accelerate our clean energy transition. Ideal for distributed infrastructure, commercial, and residential generation.

Precision AI - Drone-based identification of crops vs weeds that drives targeted herbicide application allows for a 90%+ reduction in input costs. The result saves farmers money, while significantly reducing exposure to dangerous chemistry and runoff.

Alchemie Technology - Textile dyeing is the second largest source of global water pollution (after Ag runoff). Alchemie has developed a technology that fully eliminates waste water from this process while creating vibrant, colorfast dyeing at 2x-3x lower cost.

Noon Energy - Grid storage is essential to enabling society to replace fossil fuel generation with renewable generation at scale. Noon Energy is creating ultra-low-cost battery technology with superlinear economics and not limited by any rare earth materials.

Monarch Tractors - Autonomous electric tractors that collect rich field data and can interface with smart implements to enable lower cost and higher efficacy farming. Such innovations can help accelerate the large-scale adoption of organic agricultfure and better handling of soil.

MightyFly - Low-carbon, autonomous, point-to-point logistics capability. MightyFly has the potential to change the logistics landscape by opening a new avenue for faster delivery at lower costs with an operating range up to 600 miles / segment.

Battery Resourcers - A novel approach to recycling of lithium batteries with significant improvements in unit economics from lower material separation costs and vertical integration. Battery recycling is essential to keeping the shift to electrification and renewables viable.

Orbillion Bio - is working to develop lines for heritage meats such as Wagyu beef, lamb, elk, and bison. This has the potential to both address the higher end of the marketplace as well as the possibility of biodiversity wins from lessened pressure on game animals.